Monday, March 30, 2009



Miss Miis (missmiis - clever huh?) made some comments I wanted to bring attention to in a recent blog posting.  She keeps up on ILM/MIIS happenings and her blog postings are useful to people using these tools.  Recently she was at the TEC conference in Las Vegas and got a chance to learn more about Virtual Directories from Todd Clayton.  She makes a clear and easy to understand explanation of virtual directories; to deliver identity data in the way applications want to see it.  This abstracts the complexity of data silos from applications, making it easier to manage your data, without disrupting your environment.

She properly compares the ILM approach to using Virtual Directory as to synch data around vs. keeping data where it is and presenting the distributed data as a single LDAP source.  She seemed very excited and wanting to learn more about this technology.  The use cases for virtual directory are many, and I believe they will continue to expand as people become more aware of the capabilities.

Check out her post and take a look around her blog at the same time.