Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Identity as Application Infrastructure: Evolution or Revolution?

Jackson Shaw discusses Earl Perkins and Neil MacDonald discussion at Gartner's IAM event 11-07. His concluding question is "Do you think that virtualization might be the force that can overcome the inertia? Maybe, maybe." I think yes, it has all the components and the right approach to the problem.The inertia Shaw refers to can be overcome, when and if a market player brings a high enough of a value (in this case, enough of a revolution in how we operate in the IdM / SOA environment) that warrants a big move. With market obsessed with only acquisitions (and rightly so), correcting, consolidating, and making applications and services more standardized, we are not seeing a lot of innovation. Just as in other markets in the past (the calm before the storm) and in each move in other revolutions (industrial, semi-conductor, www, etc) I think we will see a large move in improvement in technology again once the market is consolidated and strengthened. Only after the dust settles will we know what the real business needs are, and what problems we can solve at our current level of technology.In the mean-time - let's keep working towards integration and SOA concepts.

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