Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Oracle Virtual Directory Webinar

I thought I would share an interesting webinar on virtual directories recently from Oracle on their virtual directory (OVD).

You can view the recording here.

This is the first time I've mentioned a product by name, and referenced a particular company. I try to stay as neutral as possible, perhaps out of habit due to my role to help customers decide. I usually always give at least two options for any decision and list the pro's and con's.

This webinar is a little generic, although I was able to get in a couple questions which the moderator answered decently. OVD certainly has a place in the marketplace and a specific role.

If you want an introduction at a high-level for what a virtual directory can do for you, this is a great resource so check it out.

What OVD doesn't do is offer solutions to more complex integration problems that you can face that require more feature sets, which Oracle will gladly provide to you, of course, at an additional price, as part of their IdM Suite, such as synchronization capabilities, data modeling, provisioning services, and more...

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