Monday, April 7, 2008

"Oh, I see now. Virtual *IS* Meta!"

Got to love this posting by Phil Hunt.  I've been watching this bit of diatribe back and forth, especially between Dave Kearns and Kim Cameron.  It's a bit like the old story about six blind men trying to describe what an elephant is, each only feeling one part of the beast. One says "it is like a wall", another "it is like a tree", and so forth. 

SO, are we really talking about multiple problems, or one problem with several aspects?  do we need multiple solutions, or is one elephant enough? 

This discussion is good, and I hope everyone is reading all the posts.  They are essential arguments and these guys are no dummies.

Jackon Shaw << Jackson started it here!! / blog home page
Dave Kearns
Kim Cameron
Phil Hunt
Felix Gaehtgens

if I missed someone, let me know... oh yeah... I put in my two-cents here. :)

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