Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Identity and Beyond!!

No, I haven't turned into Buzz-Lightyear. 

I found this diagram today, by accident, by searching information on WAM architecture, it is not into the details I was looking for, but I actually really like it!  Obviously its not just was Web Access Management...  check it out...

This is a logical layer you might see related to identity, security, virtual directory, etc - but could be used for much more.  IdM would just be one consumer of the service layers that are pictured below. 

I have two purposes posting it here:

1) Has anyone seen this diagram before?  I would like to give reference to the owner, but can not find him/her, and see if they have published anything else related here.  (and no, it is not in CISSP Exam Guide, 4th edition - I have a copy and I've already looked.. twice)

2) Let everyone else see this diagram, as I think it is very useful in understanding how virtual directories can be used to solve a lot of problems in the enterprise.  It is a great tool to use as a virtualization engine, and if you have cache involved (amazingly noted also in the diagram) then you have a very performant (yeah, i know its not "officially" an English word, but it should be!) and scalable solution. 

With this approach, you have all the things the "identity gang" has been arguing about - meta, virtual, synch, provisioning, performance, key mapping, etc.

VERY COOL!  So, who is the brilliant one out there?  Come forward and claim your honor due.  :)

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Steve L. said...

I agree w/ you 100% about the graphic. It clearly describes Virtual Directory technology and can be very useful... If you ever find out who published it please let me know....