Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cache, Enterprise Service Bus, Virtual Directories

I was trying to catch up on some of the discussions from the past month or so. Check this posting from Mark Wilcox.  Mark does a good job of being a peace-maker of sorts, trying to organize thoughts from different bloggers such as Dave Kearns and Clayton Donley.  There is definitely confusion around what each author is talking about.

It is my position that you need not only what Oracle and others would define as a virtual directory, but that service should include the other tools necessary for a complete solution; cache, ESB (enterprise service bus) / Messaging, LDAP proxy, data modeling, key mapping/correlation, web service, etc.  This is what identity virtualization is all about. You have different problems, you need different solutions (see what Jeff Bohren says). Virtualization allows you to use your existing data stores and use it the way you need it. You should have LDAP, SQL, web service capabilities - not limited to a single protocol.  You need push and pull of data (dynamic access and message bus) and performance guarantees (cache).

BTW it is funny to watch some of these guys fight against cache.  WHY?  We use cache everywhere for performance reasons.  No one argues that CPU's aren't fast enough as evidenced by the presence of cache!?! Or your that the internet needs to be "fixed" because your web browser has cache. Cache is everywhere, there are real applications for it, people use it, people need it.  So, why the anti-cache rhetoric when it is talked about in terms of Virtual Directories?  It is a mystery.... most all virtual directories have at least one form of caching option... 

It has always been frustrating to me to see large companies bully customers into accepting their view of the world.  So, what I mean in this example is that some large vendors will tell you that if their virtual directory isn't fast enough for you, then you have a problem with your sources, it is not their problem. They will be glad to sell you more of their "stuff" to fix "your" problems.  Well, I prefer to keep my lunch money than to give to bullies.  :)   Think about it....

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